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Can you day night and day?

We are just kidding!  You have to have a sense of humor about your work!  But seriously, one thing we love about pressure washing is the drastic aesthetic improvement our cleaning service provides our clients.  It gives us a sense of accomplishment and gives you a sense of pride.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

6 Reasons to Hire a Pro to Wash Your Exterior Possessions!

#1 Pros ‘Soft Wash’

The term ‘pressure wash’ is often used because that is what our service is commonly referred too.  Pros often use the ‘soft wash’ technique which invovles using environmentally friendly cleaning agents to weaken the bond years of built up residue has formed on your belongings.  Light pressure is used when removing the build up and cleaning agents from the surfaces, but the cleaning agents do most of the work!  Just using water pressure alone can cause expensive damage to sensitive items such as windows and vinyl siding.

#2 Pros know when to ‘Pressure Wash’ and when to ‘Soft Wash’

– Soft washing involves the use of cleaning agents before light water pressure is used to rinse the surface clean avoiding damage to your sensitive items.  In some cases, cleaning agents are used in conjunction with highly pressurized water.  Soft washing is best for roofs, siding, around windows, and certain types of fences.

– Pressure washing is best for more resilient surfaces around your home or business to remove heavy build up on items such as decks, driveways, patios, sidewalks, and porches.

#3 Pros have experience!

– Attention to detail is crucial to a successful exterior cleaning.  It is often hard to tell if something is really clean or not while it is still wet.  Save yourself the trouble of doing the job twice, and hire Alpha Services to do it right the first time!

#4 Pros know when to do what!

– Pros know when cleaning agents are needed and when to use low or high pressure.  Certain types of residential require certain types of cleaning agents though!  Don’t waste your time and money attempting to use the wrong method or cleaning agent.  And we haven’t even mentioned that hot water is sometimes needed!  The cost of renting one of these machines will quickly change your mind about power cleaning yourself, if you are able to find one to rent that is.

#5 Some residue is potentially harmful to your health

– You definitely want to clean your exterior items before mold and mildew get out of control.  If not addressed, these spores can make their way into your home or business for your innocent children, pets, family, friends, co-workers, employees, and customers to unknowingly inhale.  Don’t let this happen to you or them!  Not to mention all of this will be floating around in the air as the cleaning process is taking place.  Pros know when a respirator is needed and always have it available just incase.

#6 Have you ever been on a wet roof?

– Hopefully not, and thankfully, you never have to!  This is another scenario where experience is on the side of the pro.  Cleaning your roof not only makes your entire home look better to anyone who drives by, but it also extends the life of your roof by removing the micro-organisms that are currently using it as a breeding ground.  Something tells us cleaning a roof is less expensive than replacing one!  Oh yeah…that’s common sense!

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Exterior Cleaning Services

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, if you and another house in your immediate area sign up for a cleaning and schedule it for the same day, you will both receive 10% off your quoted price.  So, tell the neighbors!

We also offer a 15% discount to homes located in an HOA as they are often required to clean their exterior items on a scheduled basis and typically use our service over and over again.  We love returning clients and get them a lot!

Are you licensed and insured?

Of course.  If you would like to see any of these documents, please just ask.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes!  We guarantee you will be satisfied with your cleaning service and that none of your property will be damaged in the process.  

If for any reason you are not happy with the results, please just reach out to us by phone, text, or email so we can quickly return to your property to make it right or return your payment.

If something is damaged on a job you will be notified immediately and we will cover any associated costs. 

How can pay for our service?

We take all major credit cards, cash, and checks.  We have a secure portal where you can log in to pay with your credit card so you never have to give out your personal information.  All payments are due the day services are rendered.

Why should I clean my roof?

The main reason is aesthetics, but leaving this residue on your roof for an extended period of time will also shorten the life of your roof.  You can spend a little now or spend a lot later.

Will the cleaning agents damage my home or plants?

No!  All of the cleaning agents we use are eco-friendly.  They will not harm your plants or lawn, and are also safe for children and pets.  They will also not damage any of the surfaces we clean.

Why should we use Alpha Services over other options?

We are a small, locally owned business that truly cares about our clients and their property.  This shows with our excellent customer service and attention to detail on every job.  We also take the time to explain why we are using a particular cleaning method for your unique needs.

How often should I clean the exterior of my home?

How often you clean your exterior items is a personal preference.  Siding is recommended to be cleaned every 12-24 months.  This does vary depending on sunlight exposure and the climate over the past several months and even years.  Brick homes often can go longer between cleanings.

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